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PostSubject: PERVAIZ MUSHARAF----A POINT OF VIEW   Mon Mar 10, 2008 6:15 pm

Pervez Musharraf
Support General Pervez Musharraf Vote for General Pervez MusharrafPervez Musharraf in Britain
January 25th, 2008 Musharraf
President General Pervez Musharraf was attending the World Economic Forum in DAVOS , Switzerland and some tough questions were put forward to him but as always Pervez Musharraf was COOL under Fire, when questions of Fair and Free Elections & rising unpopularity were put to him he called it Western “intellectual arrogance” toward his country he said

“Unfortunately there is a degree of, may I say, intellectual arrogance that I see in the West which thinks that these developing countries are some kind of people who do not know how to govern, they do not know anything.”


“Why doesn’t it understand that we maybe are a developing country, we have our flaws, we believe in constitution, we know how to run government, we are not such clueless people who do not know how to run a country, We have Our own Brains.”

When asked about the Claims by PPP that elections will be rigged he said

“This [election rigging allegation] is the culture that [Bhutto’s supporters] have been following themselves always,”

“But this is the culture that I have changed. The bugs that were there in the system have been removed. By who? By me, by my government. We removed the bugs.”

Also about the Claims of Rigging Mr President was talking to the Pakistani Community in Britain and he told them about What Happened while he was in DAVOS ,When someone put forward the Question of Rigging ,he asked the Person to Point out Where will Rigging take Place in the System , he asked him to Point out the Flaw in the System and to show the weaknesses’ where rigging can take place and the Person was unable to do so. and the main thing is that this Program was being broadcast on GEO News which is quiet a thing , because before emergency they never showed a Government Press Conference or anything that makes the Government or General Pervez Musharraf Look good, looks like Emergency did change things in a Positive Way.

The Plan To Topple Pakistan Military
January 17th, 2008 Musharraf
We got an email forwarded to us , actually its a pretty lengthy article we were not sure if we should cut it up and post some excerpts , but then we decided to post the whole article / email might take some time to go through everything or you can read it bit by bit whenever you like.We don’t know if this is the truth or not but there are definitely some factsin this article.

This is not about Musharraf anymore. This is about clipping the wings
of a strong Pakistani military, denying space for China in Pakistan,
squashing the ISI, stirring ethnic unrest, and neutralizing Pakistan’s
nuclear program. The first shot in this plan was fired in Pakistan’s
Balochistan province in 2004. The last bullet will be toppling
Musharraf, sidelining the military and installing a pliant government
in Islamabad. Musharraf shares the blame for letting things come this
far. But he is also punching holes in Washington’s game plan. He needs
to be supported.

Musharraf Tells US to stay Out of Pakistan
January 12th, 2008 Musharraf
General Pervez Musharraf has made it clear that the U.S Military mission to capture al Qaeda Leaders in Pakistani territory would be unwelcome and and “against the sovereignty of Pakistan.” Which is a clear opposite to what many Political Parties say that General Pervez Musharraf has become a dummy of the USA Government but this is the proof that there is no such thing the Government only follows what’s right and in this situation it seems that the USA is totally wrong.

General Pervez Musharraf said that his military has the experience to operate in the mountainous terrain near the Afghan border and if the United States went in they would “Regret that Day”

General Pervez Musharraf said

“Nobody will come here until we ask them to come and we haven’t asked them,”

When a Reporter asked General Pervez Musharraf that “If the Americans came, would you treat that as an invasion?”

“Certainly, If they come without our permission, that’s against the sovereignty of Pakistan.” Musharraf said

The New York Times reported that the Bush administration is considering expanding covert operations in the western part of Pakistan.

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Musharraf rejects UN inquiry into Benazir’s Killing
January 12th, 2008 Musharraf
General Pervez Musharraf has ruled out a United Nations inquiry into the assassination of the opposition leader, Benazir Bhutto.He told the French paper Le Figaro that Pakistan had its own institutions to investigate the killing and that they were being assisted by the UK.

General Pervez Musharraf also said that he hoped the results of the investigation would be published before February’s parliamentary vote. He also said

Pakistan should not be compared to Lebanon, where the organization is investigating the murder of the former Prime Minister, Rafik Hariri. he said. “Pakistan is not Lebanon.”

We agree with General Pervez Musharraf , the PPP just keep on calling other Organizations to investigate first it was ScotlandYard if PPP doesn’t get the results they are hoping for they will ask UN and it will go on and on but it doesn’t work that way Pakistan Intelligence Agencies and other Organizations are perfectly capable of carrying out the investigation and we already have invited ScotLandYard investigators to help them out where necessary bu the Main inquiry of the Killing is still under the control of Pakistani Govt.

Benazir Bhutto Passed Away
January 12th, 2008 Musharraf

Assalam Alaikum

Let us first of all begin with condolences to the family and friends of Benazir Bhutto. I think that everyone, including those who staunchly opposed her, feel very sad at her passing away in this manner. Certainly this act will have a very negative affect upon Pakistani politics. No matter how much we may dislike her politics, Benazir Bhutto was our former prime minister, elected twice, and for this reason alone she deserves our respect.

As Muslims, we are to say the following words when someone passes away: Inna Lillahe wa inna elahe rajion. Translation: “To God we belong and to Him is our return”

Benazir Bhutto died when a gunman opened fire at her vehicle just before a suicide bomber blew himself up at an election rally in Rawalpindi, killing more than 30 people and injuring about 60 others.But it is said that death of Benazir Bhutto was not caused by the Firing of the Gunman but it is said that When the Gunman opened Fire she tried to duck in the Bullet proof car and her head struck the Sun Roof of the Car which caused her death but there is still a chance that her death was caused by the bullets Fired at her.

And the Political Parties including the PPP were fast enough to put the blame on the Government while many of the PPP supporters / activists looked like they were already ready to startup a riot and at once started burning cars, trucks, tires and rickshaws; forcing the closure of shops and attacking police . We don’t see how this Helps Bhutto or Pakistan on one side they say they want to save Pakistan but they themselves are first to start destroying there own country by attacking Govt Building and Burning Banks. It is said that over 100 Banks were destroyed, about 900 cars Burned and at least 3 railway stations were destroyed too. This itself proves that PPP activists are the enemy of this nation rather than the beneficiaries.

While in the mean time many conspiracy theories have been brought up against the Government that the Govt or the Intelligence Agencies of Pakistan are behind her Killing but

General Pervez Musharraf said that a gunman may have shot Benazir Bhutto but said the opposition leader exposed herself to danger and bore responsibility for her death he also said that his Government did everything it could to provide security for Bhutto.

“For standing up outside the car, I think it was she to blame alone. Nobody else. Responsibility is hers,”

Pervez Musharraf becomes President
December 2nd, 2007 Musharraf
We are Glad to announce that it is not the last we have seen of this Great Leader, General Pervez Musharraf Left the Army and was sworn in as a civilian President but for us he will always be the ” General Pervez Musharraf ” that changed Pakistan.President Pervez Musharraf called it a “Historic Day” and it certainly was as President Pervez Musharraf ended his 46-year-long great career in the army. His Parting Message for the Army was.

“This army is an integrating force, the savior of Pakistan,Without it, the entity of Pakistan cannot exist.”

We all Salute one of the Greatest General of the Pakistan Army and one of the GREATEST Leader of Pakistan.

Army General to President of Pakistan
December 2nd, 2007 Musharraf

General Pervez Musharraf to Resign Today
November 28th, 2007 Musharraf
Our Feelings are mixed on this occasion as General Pervez Musharraf has announced that he will be leaving the Post of Chief of Army Staff and will take oath as a civilian President tomorrow on Thursday ,Today on Wednesday the changing ceremony will be held where General Pervez Musharraf will hand over his position as head of the army to Gen Ashfaq Pervez Kiani.We are totally with General Pervez Musharraf if he thinks he can still do his job to save Pakistan by taking oath as a civilian President we will still continue to Support him.

Yesterday a A guard of honor was presented to General Pervez Musharraf as he visited the Headquarters of Armed Forces in Rawalpindi near Islamabad the guard of honor was composed of the army, navy and air force personnel.

After General Pervez Musharraf stands down as head of Pakistan’s army the new Chief of Army Staff General Pervez Kiani will takeover his Position,General Pervez Kiani is a former head of the intelligence services,We are sure the new Chief of Army Staff General Pervez Kiani will keep supporting General Pervez Musharraf even after he takes oath as a civilian President because the Support of Army is needed to Run Pakistan because if we let Pakistan loose on the hand of Corrupt so called Democratic Leaders we will go nowhere except backwards.
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