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PostSubject: RESTORATION OF EX-CJ---IFTIKHAR CH   Tue Mar 11, 2008 6:28 am

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Ex-CJ Will NEVER Be Restored

Published : March 07, 2008 | Author : Shafiq Khan
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The Widening Of The Grave: Ex CJ Will Never Be Restored

Let me make this statement, "Iftikhar Chaudhry will NOT be restored. Period. However, the stubbornness and the selfish attitude of these morons might lead the country to an irreparable loss. Instability, turmoil and disorder would be the fate of the country.


Friday, 7 March 2008.


TORONTO, Canada—Crime connoisseurs say that "when an enmity begins between two, immediately it leads to the 'digging of a grave' and only time decides who is going to go in that grave and when.” What is certain is that one of them has to go. Period.

When Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry was charge-sheeted on March 9, 2007, I wrote, “a grave has been dug, let us see who goes in it, Iftikhar Chaudhry or President Musharraf ? “

(Digging of a grave does not necessarily mean a physical death of one party but an exit of one from the scene)

After Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry was reinstated by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, the world saw how the Supreme Court was headed toward a war with President Musharraf when the court started convicting several senior bureaucrats and the judges were daily opening a bag-full of cases under the Suo Motu act against every individual in the administration.

But President Musharraf, having the ultimate upper hand, whacked back and threw out Iftikhar Chaudhry and 63 of his judges under the PCO (Provisional Constitutional Order) to save the country from bloodshed and anarchy. At that point, I wrote, "the grave is swathed".

It is almost one year now but the game of 'hide and seek' by the 'cat and mouse' is still on.

In fact, in last the days following the Feb. 18 election, the grave has not only been re-dug but has been widened.

Not only people in Pakistan but people around the globe are watching scornfully the most selfish, egotistical and the complacent game of Pakistan's so-called Civil Society and political jugglery by the deposed judge, Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, Aitezaz Ahasan and their mob of lawyers.

Let me make this statement, "Iftikhar Chaudhry will NOT be restored. Period. However, the stubbornness and the selfish attitude of these morons might lead the country to an irreparable loss. Instability, turmoil and disorder would be the fate of the country.

I laugh vulnerably on Iftikhar Chaudhry, Aitezaz Ahsan, Nawaz Shareef, Qazi Hussain Ahmed, Imran Khan and many more in their idiotic-camp that how foolish they are or deadbeats that they do not understand the links of chain between the Head of the State (President Musharraf), Establishment, Agencies, and the Army? Who has the power, guts and nerve to break this chain? Who thinks President Musharraf is only by himself? At the same time, don't these morons, Aitezaz Ahsan, Iftikhar Chaudhry and Nawaz Shareef think that when they target President Musharraf, in fact, the signal of threat goes to the Army, Establishment, Agencies and the people in the Presidential Camp. Do they think, President's supporters are sitting empty handed and empty-headed not to fire back?

Let me tell Nawaz Sharif, Iftikhar Chaudhry and Aitezaz Ahsan & Co. that Pakistan cannot even afford it. I am 200% sure that these ****heads do understand Pakistan's position and are obstinately following their selfish personal agendas to destroy Pakistan.

I would ask President Musharraf and the Pakistani people in his camp not to bow before these thugs and to give these politicians and lawyers a big push backwards. I would also suggest that this nation does not deserve democracy, leniency and magnanimity.

President Musharraf should not allow the coming assemblies in office and should go instead for a Presidential type of government in Pakistan and go after every single terrorist, mullah and fanatic so the people in Pakistan could take a sigh of relief and live in peace, harmony and stability.

Popular votes, the jugglers and media are just a flock of sheep, cows and goats. People don't have the sense to understand democracy.

People must understand that the integrity of Pakistan, peace and security are the fundamental requirements right now. If there was no Pakistan, where would they rest their ugly, stinking bottoms?

Well, I wonder, no lawyer, politician, journalist or media man is talking these days about the 'burial' of the 'Doctrine of Necessity' and the 'Freedom of Judges', except Mr. Nawaz Sharif of course. What happened to the rest?

Contempt of Court Against the

Chief Justice of Pakistan

Mr. Justice Dogar?

The people of Pakistan are so selfishly busy in the hypocrisy of politicians and lawyers that no one is noticing and paying heed that for last three months, Aitezaz Ahsan, the lawyers community, and the anti-Musharraf politicians are clearly insulting the office of the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mr. Justice Dogar, when they call the deposed justice Mr. Iftikhar Chaudhry as CHIEF JUSTICE OF PAKISTAN.

Does this not fall under the provisions of the Contempt of Court and insult to the office of Chief Justice, Mr. Justice Dogar? Why not civil society, the lawyers and government functionaries take notice of this naked insult in broad daylight? Are these jokers headed by the clown Aitezaz Ahsan above the law?

Mushahid Hussain's Hypocrisy

Once Mushahid Hussain told Naeem Bukhari that he was educated in the Washington University where former U.S President Bill Clinton got his education. By making the statement, the Senator wanted to brag and show his muscles to impress upon the audience and viewers.

I want to remind the pompous Mushahid Hussain, "it is not important where he was educated, what is important is, what moral values and character he possesses".

The other day, I watched Mushahid Hussain on TV saying, he would vote against the 52-B if a unanimous stand comes in the Assembly to abolish it. It is not the first time that I have seen Mushahid Hussain making contradictory statements against his party policies.

His most recent statement is a futile attempt to ride two ships at a time. This is crooked and selfish.

I think the Q-League has scarcity of educated people like Mushahid Hussain in their party but this doesn't mean that the balding U.S-educated gentleman should violate the discipline of the party. It is better to shun him off instead of keeping a snake in the sleeve.

One cannot be excused on a note that, "it was his personal view". Once you are with a group or a party, everything is official and nothing is personal except your ugly stinking ass. You might be educated in the same college where Clinton did or had a dinner with George Bush but this is the 21st century buddy and people are too smart today to buy your line.

I guess Mushahid Hussain is flexing his muscles to bid adieu to Q-League and preparing to join N-League. What a shame!




Interestingly, new TV channels Express News, TV One, Channel-5, and Samaa, mostly with TEST TRANSMISSIONS, are going on TOP currently beating Munafiq channels Geo, ARY & AAJ as per one private national survey. The worst hated channel is AAJ followed by Geo and ARY OneWorld.

It has been reported that owners and anchors of Geo, Aaj & ARY are badly upset about their downward trend as they are not only losing public support but are also lagging behind in advertisements too.

The main reason of declining popularity of Geo, Aaj and ARY is their hypocrite, crooked, one sided munafiqana policy and support for the vested interests that are up against President Musharraf.

When I was talking to my one friend in Hyderabad, he said, local Urdu speaking population is unofficially boycotting these three Munafiq channels in their personal capacities and switching to Express News, TV One, Channel-5 and Samaaa who telecast impartial news and talk shows.

Mr. Khan is a Pakistani blogger based in Canada. He can be contacted at

Please email us to report offensive comments
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Excellent commentary by Mr Khan, totally agree with it. The country is not ready for a democracy as most people are easily manipulated and they have too many basic issues of survival that only a person with the President's thought leadership can address. Furthermore, I wonder where is the democracy when two undemocratic men (neither elected within their own party or even do not hold a seat from the election) are forming a ruling coalition! Pathetic fact for Pakistanis to have this broadcast around the globe. That too they are known looters and liars. The former chief justice like many in Pakistan are full blown traitors-they have no interest in the integrity of Pakistan and are driven by only earning a 'haraam' living! It is frustrating and either the establishment should ensure a move to a Presidential system, or forget everything and just impose Marshall law with a min time limit of 10-15 years! Better to have the country run by thos who have at least the sovereignty of Pakistan as an objective in contrast to the politicians who will steal everything and lie with big grins!
Posted By: patriot | March 9, 2008 09:53:21 AM

and people...dont criticise mr.shafiq for the choosing of his words. i, like many, share the frustrations tht he is going thru. and frankly i think he chose very polite words.
Posted By: SniperKhan | March 8, 2008 04:07:04 PM

Mr. Shafiq A Khan, my hats off to u for sharing such a keen and a no hold barred insight in whats going on in pakistan. the article u wrote is one of the very few ones to which i agree 100 percent.u are absolutely right pakistanis dont deserve democracy. and i think that it is the sure fire way for west to rig the elections and gain thourough control of our country. As for Mushahid Hussain, i think he is hairless version of the hell hag called sherry rehman. I should remind you that he was the one key player responsible for the debacle in kargil. You are absolutely right in saying that the true character of the media is starting to show. and these biased talkshops based in dubai will soon be getting a reality check. But even in this dark times, i see a glimmer of hope in president musharraf and our agencies. alot of people may hate the agencies but simply because they dont understand them. let me tell them that right intelligence at the right time is paramount for national security. i would ask president musharraf to whack this so called "mandate of people" the first mistake they make and be just as ruthless towards the fanatics AND the bloody yanks too. if he yields to these thugs he will be making the biggest mistake and an unforgivable one at that.
Posted By: SniperKhan | March 8, 2008 04:04:29 PM

The matter of the fact is that Shafiq Khan’s column is that of a patriot Pakistani. Every thing mentioned reflects what is happening in the country, however, I would request that offensive language may be avoided while writing. There is little doubt to understand that the people of this country have not learned their lesson, even by losing one wing of the country. What would be a bigger agony of a nation that the biggest Thief of Yesterday becomes the biggest Hero of Today? If sacking of Nawaz Sharif’s government was illegal, so was the act of ordering the high jacking of PIA plane? Why people have forgotten this. If a Prime Minister of a country could be so irresponsible, he could do any harmful act for the country and Aitezaz Ahsan is in connivance with him. . Ex Chief Justice, Iftekhar Chaudhary is apparently a part of this conspiracy. This gentleman should be evicted from the official residence by force if he is not willing to vacate voluntarily. The President and the Pakistan Army should look into this conspiracy. They cannot ignore this matter in the name of democratic norms or the Paid Lawyers and the Civil Society. Can one think how these lawyers are protesting without work? This country is first then anything else. Every one in this country is an analyst and talks about a mandate. They are deceiving the people of Pakistan by not saying a SPLIT mandate. People have not given their mandate for any particular issue. They have gone by loyalties to their parties of course there is some vote against the previous government. The private TV channels mentioned by the columnist must be taught a lesson by the general public. All pro Pakistan people should boyco tt these channels by unsubscribing. With regard to Mushahid Hussain, he is trying to play Mr. Good. Ultimately he will turn his coat.
Posted By: M. I. Siddiqui | March 8, 2008 03:36:16 AM

"This nation does not deserve democracy, leniency and magnanimity." What frickin nonsense by one Mr Shafiq ****head with his stinking bo****s placed in Canada. Moderator: We want intelligent analysis here.. and not some shallow hate speeches!! Is anybody even listening??
Posted By: Iftikhar Naqvi | March 7, 2008 12:39:06 PM


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