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PostSubject: MAIN REASONS FOR MUSHARAF 'S TROUBLE   Tue Mar 11, 2008 6:30 am

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The Main Reason For Musharraf’s Troubles

Published : February 28, 2008 | Author : Shafiq Khan
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The Main Reason For Musharraf’s Troubles


Thursday, 28 February 2008.


TORONTO, Canada—Well, first of all, as a human, President Musharraf could not be an infinite as he has already entered the ninth year of his rule.

Therefore, one day he has to go anyway (Not yet. A leader always has some cards saved).

President Musharraf's past twelve months have been too stormy, confusing and chaotic because of many follies committed by him and his advisors.

In my view, the main reason for his future downfall would be, "one cannot be teetar and batair at the same time."

He tried to be a military dictator and a popular democratic leader at the same, which was IMPOSSIBLE. If he overthrew Nawaz Sharif in a peaceful coup, he should have behaved like a full-fledged dictator. If he wanted to be a democratic leader, he should have taken everyone with him instead of having love affair with the ‘Q’ League and MQM.

Well, Mr. President, it’s too late now. You might stretch a few more months or year(s) but honestly speaking, that would be a drag, not a rule.

Mr. Khan is a Pakistani commentator based in Canada. He can be reached at

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The main reason for the troubles is that the President is determined to take the country forwards whilst many others want to see the country as unstable. Unfortunately, elements within (basically the dependants of a bribe culture) that have only lust money are assisting those that want instability for pakistan, this is the simple fact. All segments of society must recognise this simple truth and work to remove this culture.
Posted By: patriot | March 4, 2008 09:25:59 AM

This article surely broke some new ground here!! I guess some of the commentators here fare much better than Mr. Shafiq Whoever.
Posted By: Iftikhar Naqvi | February 29, 2008 01:50:43 AM

I tend to agree with Shafiq Khan partly that President Musharraf has some bad advisors but he was never a dictator and or is. One may call him an administrator. He is a person with kind heart and does not believe in animosity. No one in his tenure has been arrested or harassed because he did not like their faces. The example of a dictator is of that late General Zia ul Haq who did not listen to anyone including Saudi Arabia with which country he also had good relations but hanged Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Whereas, on the other hand Nawaz Sharif and his brother Shahbaz Sharif left for Saudi Arabia and from there they went abroad with the permission of Pervez Musharraf.. These two gentlemen are typical in their character and their behavior was obvious from their governance of the country in their tenure. The President has been elected for a period of 5 years and no one has the right to ask him to resign and especially Mian brothers. They have only obtained 28 percent of the popular vote cast and mainly confined to Punjab. He is not represented in Sind and Baluchistan. His party is now PUNJAB MUSLIM LEAGUE represented by extremist Punjabis. With regard to lawyers, this movement is apparently financed from outside and should be tackled accordingly. The President resigning will set an example of minority over powering the majority. Some (Q) league GHADDARS will leave but this is our history in the name of democracy. Geo and ARY will continue their campaign against the President that he will have to bear this and has to pay a cost for giving them such a liberty. Had some anchors been picked after their programmes like in the previous regimes, these anchors should have behaved. Just wait few months and see how the present democrats deal with them?
Posted By: M. I. Siddiqui | February 28, 2008 11:50:24 PM

One of the problems with Pakistan is that the person in power believes he should stay in power forever and the country would not survive without him. An even bigger problem is that some of the people in the masses also believe this to be true. This shows how short sighted some of us are. We must understand that nations are much larger than individuals. There is no one indispensable person. We should strengthen our systems and institutions more than an individual because all individual are mortals and the nation immortal. To secure our future all dictators must be sternly dealt with.
Posted By: Qasim Mahmood | February 28, 2008 07:43:48 PM

The image drawn by President Musharaf seèms to be more colorful compared to the previous leaders of Pakistan which were in black and white color.
Posted By: Shamsa Pakistan | February 28, 2008 12:47:58 PM


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