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PostSubject: THE IDEA OF CREATING THIS FORUM   Mon Mar 03, 2008 7:53 am

Pakistan Thinkers Forum (PTF)


PakistanThinkers Forum(PTF) was founded on 01 January, 2008, as a social group with a vision of ‘better Pakistan’ based on the ideology of Pakistan. That is how simple can be the whole affair and soul purpose of this organistion. PTF will be an incubator and repository of ideas generated through healthy debate and constructive consensus in all fields of knowledge and application with emphasis on Islam as our ideology, culture, history, sociology, geography, economics, politics and science and technology.
It will harness the ideas of all Pakistanis and their friends around the world towards the realization of the aspirations of the muslims and Pakistanis.

The first resolution was passed on Jan 24th 2008, laying down some fundamenatal policies, instructions and structures. The relevant areas have been listed below:

1.2. The word ‘better’ in the vision would encompass as a society, polity and government. It shall be a non- profit organization.
1.3. Membership shall be open to all who believe in the ideological foundations of Pakistan.
Rejection, disqualification and expulsion of any member will be through two-third majority of the executive body or the board.
1.4. All decisions shall be taken through simple majority out of the members present on the occasion and, or opinion indicated in writing by those not present. This procedure shall remain in force till an executive body or board is constituted.
1.5. All decisions taken in the light of above procedure, laid at 1.4 can be reviewed, amended and changed through a two third majority after a minimum of three months.
1.6. A representative executive body or board shall be formed with in six months of this Resolution.
1.7. The Executive Body or the Board shall not have less than five members. And the tenure of the Body shall not be more than one year from the day of its being effective. A member shall be able to be re-elected for any number of times.
1.8. ‘Objectives’ of PTF, to realize the ‘vision’ shall be formulated separately.

The Objectives have been formalised now. This brief and concise exercise will lay the foundation to operate and deliver.


2.0. Objectives. Ideology of Pakistan is the foundation stone of this vision; ‘Better Pakistan’. I as Secretary would accommodate those who point out a confusion even about the ideology, the raison d'être of Pakistan. I believe that haziness being observed and suffered by some is a late development. It was never so in the decades from 1880 to 1960, roughly. Islam as an ideology kept getting strengthened, reinforced, crystallized and polished through out the first half of 20th Century. Our ideology was first struck in December, 1971. It was the core point when Muslim delegate under Sir Agha Khan called on the Viceroy in October 1901 and well accepted, widely loved and real politick ideology in the referendum of 1946.

The ‘Objectives’ document will try to identify and lay down the objectives in relatively operational terms. At the same time I have kept these generalized and flexible enough. In addition, I am mindful to have a definite and measurable performance appraisal sub-system. Otherwise objectives will be lost in drafts and cups of tea. I plan to develop and present one, performance appraisal system,when Objectives are finalized.

2.1. Two more steps are to be taken. One is prioritization of Objectives and second, sharing and coordination of efforts with some NGO or some Body who shares our Vision and Objectives.

2.2. Here an attempt has been made to set separate objectives for our (PTF) responsibilities and role towards society, nation and government:

3.0. Role Towards Society:

a. Act as social group providing for sharing, hearing, listening and assisting in social well-being and welfare. Under this clause of Objectives, the physical measures will be a little restricted, with reference to location.

b. Taking notice of prejudices and stratification in society. Working for equality of status, respect for voice, opinion and right of choice.

c. Act as independent think tank, discussing and debating matters of common interest, to draw conclusions and present opinion of TFP.

d. Setting up small ‘umbrella’ of sharing and caring, promoting ‘small acts’ as big. Providing structure for ‘hope’ to people.

4.0. Role Towards Nation :

Short Term

a. What role should we play as a Muslim nation in our region or as part of Ummah: A scrutiny of exhibited roles on quarterly or six monthly bases, followed by analysis and response.

b. Work for national solidarity. Promote and highlight national stance always focusing on common interests. A caution. Put Pakistan before Army, the tight regimentation. Nation can not be seen from the perspective of drill square lessons.

Long Term

c. Take an account of the way Pakistan discharged its role as part of UN, OIC, SAARC and other such bodies. Suggest changes.`

5.0. Role Towards Government:

a. Take notice of running events relating to functions and functionaries of government and respond as active, vibrant and responsible citizens.

b. Play a role in government functions; from electoral campaign to lying of street sewage; from census exercise to an absent doctor at BHU.
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