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PostSubject: JUDICIAL CRISES IN PAKISTAN   Fri Mar 21, 2008 8:41 pm

Why can’t we begin afresh putting in place judges, who never took oath under PCO?

It is imperative that judges who are above any political affiliation and enjoy reputation for integrity and legal sagacity are appointed afresh. Re-instating controversial personalities would most certainly harm the efforts to have an independent judiciary.

imtiaz khan

Judges are supposedly the interpreters of the law and the upholders of justice. That in itself especially in Pakistan is distortion of the truth, if not out and out lying. Judges of the lower and higher courts are appointed on political loyalty or on the basis of being compliant to the wishes of the rich and powerful. Justice is a purchasable commodity not only in Pakistan, but in the majority of the world’s legal systems, if you can afford the services of a high flying legal gymnast, you can have your day in court. Pakistan has the corrupt legal system that is a legacy of the British, how can the Pakistan penal code run in conjunction with Shariat law, when the first upholds the power and corruption of the strong and the latter in its true interpretation the rights of the oppressed. Lawyers are renowned for being professional liars. You bring together six lawyers and give them exactly the same incident to talk about all six will distort and manipulate the story and the outcome six completely different stories. Judges are appointed from this dishonest fraternity and a ‘safarish’ phone call is all that is required to purchase justice or if that fails plots in Islamabad or good old fashioned cash will seal the deal. When the people at the steering wheel are themselves corrupt, how can the chain of command be anything, but corrupt, an honest individual will not be given any responsibility in the first place. The lawyers are not interested in implementation of justice, they want other lawyers placed back in control it is a fraternity, doctors give side to doctors, police give side to police and lawyers give side to lawyers. Bring in Shariat law as the law of the Islamic Republic and the most knowledgeable in Islamic fiqah should be the judges. This most knowledgeable qualification would automatically bar people like Qazi Hussain, Fazlur Rehman as these political mullahs have very little true Islamic knowledge.

syed ahmad ali

Until the other day this very same set of people who used to downgrade the parliament and cried hoarse Supreme Court’s sovereignty has now overnight reversing their stand shamelessly calling the existing Supreme Court a non-entity and the parliament a sovereign. The nation has to be on guard to such elements, as they are neither the well- wisher of the parliament nor the judiciary. They are out and out a bunch of corrupt opportunists waiting in the cover to make hay when the sun shines and waste no time in jumping out of the sinking ship.

Faqir Mohammad

Many people confuse free judiciary with free hand of judges and claim about the previous record of judges. I think this is not fare. Free judiciary means free implementation of rules of the state. If some one maneuvers rules to justify his crimes and cite examples of the previous cases his current actions, this is obviously another crime.

Jalal Ahmed Khan
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